we transform frailties into Social Culture


Integrated Social Cooperative

We are a group of people who share commitment, creativity, diversity and professionalism for the development of a tangible Social Culture in the services provided by Italian companies and administrations.

For over ten years, in accordance with the law n.381/91, our Integrated Social Cooperative Type B offers services in the fields of information technology, contact centers, multimedia communication and administrative support for public bodies and businesses.

At the disposal of our clients, whether they are citizens or organizations, we offer the empathy and attention to the needs that derive from a young team of 38 employees, 25 of which are members, 32% of whom are disabled workers and 55% women, making our company a pioneer in terms of equal opportunities. Our members are 56% women and 40% people with disabilities.

People with disabilities32%


Pingo operates in Certified Quality by Bureau Veritas Italia SpA.
ISO 9001:2015

Application fields: Design and management of front and back office services for the management of health reservation services (CUP); Graphic design and related publication.

we transform frailties
into Social Culture
our services

diversity, specialization and commitment

Cooperate to create value. The services we design and manage are the result of a constant sharing of ideas and actions with our partners. Whether it is business communication or services to citizens, we have two objectives: to make the solution effective and make its social impact visible.

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the deepest capital of a company is whoever believes in it

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