DEA (Department of Emergency and Acceptance) Reception

first aid communication

DEA (Department of Emergency and Acceptance) Reception

first aid communication

The increasing use of first aid services, even in cases that often do not involve life-threatening situations, is a phenomenon as widespread as difficult for health organizations to manage.

The need to manage the reception and treatment of cases according to the criteria of urgency and priority provided by triage, often leads to long waits and uncertainty for patients and their relatives.

Whether they are real emergencies or less serious situations, the users of emergency departments are often subjected to a heavy burden of anxiety and the feeling of “having been abandoned”. 

Pingo works to manage these situations in a function of reception and liaison between the medical staff and the users present at the D.E.A. (Department of Emergency and Acceptance) providing all useful information to the relatives of patients being treated in the Emergency Room.

The service is carried out by employees selected for their communication skills and guaranteed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To support the D.E.A. structures, Pingo provides services and solutions for the management of reception and administrative support to allow a more effective focus of health staff on clinical activities.

Our proposal
  • Solutions and services for the reception and information to users
  • Qualified staff for the communication and processing of health information
  • Guaranteed coverage of services h24 for 365 days/year
  • Management of related administrative services

Umberto I University Polyclinic - Rome

2010 / 2019

At the main Roman Polyclinic, Pingo cares for the reception of users at the D.E.A. providing useful information and updating the relatives of patients under treatment in the Emergency Room during the entire recovery.


We remain at your disposal for any further information and to design added value services oriented to a marked social impact

Medical staff and relatives of sick people have the same purpose and the same hopes; our job is to mediate in the mutual exchange of information, accepting concerns and helping them to live the wait better.

Milena Pinti

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