the value of a business is reflected in the importance that the community recognizes it for its own welfare

Industrie Fluviali

cultural ecosystem

In 2019 Pingo inaugurated Industrie Fluviali: 2,000 square meters of regenerated and fully accessible spaces that form the backbone of an articulated ecosystem of culture.

Industrie Fluviali is a polyhedral space that hosts the headquarters of the cooperative and pursues objectives of inclusion, innovation and participation through shared workspaces, meeting rooms, cultural events and actions on the territory.

Presidio del Lazio

We have animated and managed the activities of this Service Centre – promoted and financed by the Regione Lazio Department for Social and Family Policies – offering advice and social orientation to the disabled, families, minors, the elderly and foreigners. The project has carried out awareness, raised activities in the territory, edited the accessible tourist offer of the Lazio Region with the creation of itineraries available in the territory, organized guided tours for people with disabilities.

Move In

We have made available to everyone a mobile application that allows even unqualified people to carry out an assisted evaluation of the accessibility conditions of a given environment (internal or external), with levels of effectiveness as close as possible to those of a measurement carried out by an expert in accessibility.

Premium Care

We oversaw the communication activities of this research project by the Hospital he Bambino Gesù, aimed at creating an organizational and technological system able to manage in an organic, integrated and continuous way the relationship between health workers and patients, with particular regard to those suffering from chronic diseases in the post-acute phase of diagnostic and therapeutic treatments.