know how to listen to better inform

Public Relations

know how to listen to better inform

The effective management of a Public Relations Office (URP) represents a formidable opportunity to bring public administration and citizens closer together.

Pingo is committed to this activity with the awareness that the organization and management of an URP represents the yardstick for the culture’s level of administrative transparency and for the quality of services of an institution.

For this reason, Pingo supports its partners in the management of URP by paying the fullest attention to the capacity to welcome, listen to and inform users, starting from the criteria provided for by Law 150/2000 and the professional skills provided by Law 422/2001.

Communication and the relationship with the users are taken care of through an in-depth knowledge of administrative aspects, total observance of regulations regarding privacy and administrative transparency, effective and flexible use of communication and information management technologies.

Our Proposal
  • Customer reception
  • Support in communication processes with the public
  • Support in internal communication processes
  • Organization and management of multifunctional counters
  • Development and management of multi-channel public relations services

Umberto I University Polyclinic - Rome

2010 / 2019

Pingo operates in the public relations office (URP) of the main university polyclinic in Rome. A reference health center for the population and a benchmark organization for Roman citizens.

Pingo’s operators take care of the relationship between the users and the hospital by handling the main information processes. Here, Pingo supports the Press Office, in particular in the update of the institutional website.


We remain at your disposal for any further information and to design added value services oriented to a marked social impact

Listening to citizens means understanding oneself better, reducing distances and overcoming the culture of administrative compliance in order to approach people.

Vanessa Luppichini
Project Manager - Umberto I Roma

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